ReFueling Your Fun Goes National

ReFuel Your Fun Went National in 2017!

The award winning ReFuel Your Fun (RFYF) Campaign promotes the use of refillable 1 lb. propane cylinders as a cost-effective & environmentally friendly alternative to disposables. Did you know 80% of the cost of disposables is the package?  Only 20% of the cost is the gas inside, so refillables $ave money & the hassle of disposal!

U-Haul developed this short video on the benefits of refillables:


Business Partners:

Funded in part by a grant from CalRecycle

RFYF has grown significantly since it’s inception in 2015, including the recruitment of over 800 retail locations in the United States.  Special thanks to U-Haul, the first national propane retailer to join the Campaign by selling & offering refill services for refillables at 126 of their California stores that dispense propane. Check out U-Haul’s new landing page for refillables & read the most recent blog post.

  • RFYF map of locations is constantly being updated
  • West Marine: Selling empty refillables in 200 stores nationwide & online
  • REI: Selling empty refillables in 145 stores in across the U.S. & online
  • Home Depot: Selling empty refillables online in over 220 locations.
  • Sam’s Club: Conducting a pilot in 29 stores in 5 states
  • Yosemite National Park: Conducting a pilot project with Kamps Propane & working with Subaru on RFYF outreach
  • Wild & Scenic Film Festival: Kamps PropaneCalifornia Product Stewardship Council distributed 30 full refillables to film festival attendees at the RFYF Enviro Fair booth in Nevada City, CA January 14-15 with CPSC Board Members Josh Simpson & Steve Rodowick

We’ve come a long way, but our work isn’t done yet…
We need YOUR help!


  1. Like RFYF on Facebook, invite your friends to like the page, & share posts!
  2. Ask your local propane dealer to sell & refill cylinders so they can be promoted through the Campaign: 
  3. Help expand the Campaign to other states & tell your friends across the U.S.

For more details contact Jordan @ or 916-706-3420.


Together we can make the paradigm shift from disposable 1 lb. propane cylinders to refillables.
Together we can ReFuel Our Fun!

Customizable RFYF Commercial with Boy & Girl Scouts, & CA Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird in English (Spanish is available)


Here’s how you can ReFuel Your Fun while camping:


“When we started working with CPSC in August 2014, there was not one retailer selling or refilling the 1lb refillables in Santa Cruz County and the State of California.  In two short years, we have recruited four retailers that sell and three that refill in the County, with 193 in the State, and more are in process.  We developed a TV commercial with Secretary of Natural Resources John Laird and the Boy and Girl Scouts that runs in the Central Coast media market and beyond and has made such an impression that Secretary Laird has told me he gets approached on the streets and thanked for letting people know about the refillables”.  – Tim Goncharoff, Resource Planner at County of Santa Cruz


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