Alameda Safe Drug Disposal Ordinance


  • 1/26/18: Alameda County adopted proposed revisions to the 7/24/2012 Safe Drug Disposal Ordinance. Key changes in the revisions include:
    • Adds Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications to the covered items
    • Allows for collection of Controlled Substances at both law enforcement AND DEA registrants (Pharmacies and Hospitals)
    • Requires the stewardship organization to provide a kiosk to any DEA Registrant even if they have reached the 110 site goal originally stated
    • Minor changes to definitions to clarify ordinance, and make enforcement easier
  • 5/26/15: U.S. Supreme Court denies petitioners’ Writ of Certiorari (request to hear case)
  • 4/15/15: Alameda responds to Supreme Court questions
  • 2/25/15: Director of the Department of Environmental Health approves the two stewardship plans that were submitted.
  • 2/23/15: Alameda County Safe Drug Disposal Program Public Hearing to review submitted product stewardship plans
  • 12/29/14: PhRMA and other plaintiff organizations file a Petition For Writ of Certiorari asking the U.S. Supreme Court to consider the case – Petition text
  • 9/30/14: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules for Alameda County – Court ruling
  • 7/11/14: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals hearing video (the hearing starts around the 1:01:50 mark)
  • 9/12/13: Notice of appeal is filed by PhRMA and other plaintiff organizations in the Federal Court of Appeals
  • 8/28/13: US District Judge Richard Seeborg finds the ordinance constitutional in the 9th circuit court
  • 12/7/12: Alameda County is sued by three organizations representing the pharmaceutical industry
  • 7/24/12: Safe Drug Disposal Ordinance is adopted by unanimous vote by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors
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