Joint Assembly Hearing on Producer Responsibility – March 8, 2011


Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials

Bob Wieckowski, Chair and Moderator
Assemblymember, Twentieth District

Assembly Committee on Natural Resources

Wesley Chesbro, Chair
Assemblymember, First District

Joint Hearing Videos



1.  Introduction
2.  Part 1: British Columbia’s Evolution to a Framework Approach
3.  Part 2: National Models for Battery Extended Producer Responsibility
4.  Part 3: Local Government Struggle to Meet Recycling Program Demands
5.  Part 4: CalRecycle Position on Producer Financed and Managed Recovery
6.  Part 5: Implementation of the Paint Stewardship Program in Canada, Oregon and California
7.  Part 6: Implementation of the Carpet Stewardship Program in California
8.  Part 7: Industry Experience with a Framework Approach

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