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Bring Us Your Take-Back Campaign

Meet the Kids Who Care from Sun Valley Elementary School in San Rafael, CA. In April 2012, the Kids Who Care created an online petition through to encourage Crayola to establish a take-back and recycling program for their plastic markers. CPSC provided expert council and promotional support to the Kids Who Care and their internationally recognized campaign to advocate the essential need for product stewardship and extended producer responsibility by all manufacturers in all industries. The Sun Valley Elementary students achieved amazing success in making their voices heard. In a matter of weeks their petition gained over 85,000 signatures!

Crayola declined to set up a take-back program for their markers. Soon after however, global art supply company Dixon Ticonderoga decided to step up and create a marker take-back and recycling program. Dixon Ticonderoga’s massive recycling project provides schools with pre-paid shipping envelopes to mail plastic markers, free of charge, back to the company for recycling. The Kids Who Care are a wonderful example that even children understand and want EPR for their products.


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