2015 California Stewardship Arrow Award Winners

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Awards Presented

Custom-designed awards made of recycled materials by Bay Area artist Ellen Blakeley will be presented at CPSC’s Arrow Awards ceremony on Thursday, August 6, 2015 at the California Resource Recovery Association Annual Conference and Tradeshow at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. The event attracts 700 local and state government representatives, state legislators, and industry representatives annually.

2015 Arrow Award Winners Press Release

Golden Arrow Award for Overall Excellence in Product Stewardship

Be Green Packaging is the recipient of the 2015 Golden Arrow Award for Overall Excellence in Product Stewardship.

Be Green Packaging is a leader in the sustainable food and consumer product packaging industries with its Cradle to Cradle certified, Non GMO, tree-free compostable packaging products. All Be Green Packaging products are compostable and Biodegradable Products Institute certified biodegradable and are made from agricultural waste and/or rapidly renewable fibers such as bamboo. Be Green continues to advance closed loop systems and zero-waste production techniques in the industry and their manufacturing facility in Ridgeland South Carolina and China and feature innovative systems fBeGreen_Logo_Large_150dpior water recycling, composting, recycling, and zero-waste. Be Green Packaging demonstrates leadership in the packaging industry by not only providing a sustainable package, but by bringing it to market at prices that are making them widely used by Fortune 500 brands like Proctor & Gamble, Gill and 7 Eleven. They have 15 employees in Santa Barbara.

Be Green Packaging Press Release
Video – Be Green Packaging Receives Golden Arrow Award for Overall Excellence in Product Stewardship
Press – Be Green Packaging Wins The “Golden Arrow” Award from CA Product Stewardship Council – Perishable News, 8/14/15
Be Green Packaging, LLC Receives Statewide Award for Achievements in Product Stewardship – WasteAdvantage Magazine, 8/5/15

DSC_2853 cropped WEBPictured (L to R) – Ron Blitzer, Be Green Packaging; Lynn France, CPSC


Green Arrow Award for System Design and Innovation

IPSEN Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. is the recipient of the 2015 Green Arrow Award for System & Design Innovations.

IPSEN Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. manufactures medication Somatuline® Depot is an example of ISPEN’s commitment to producing safer and more sustainable compounds with innovative design features to improve sustainability.  The new design has a needle that automatically retracts after the medication is administered to reduce needle stick injuries, utilization of a prefilled, premixed syringe that eliminates vials and packaging waste generated by 40% per dose or 3 tons per year, was reformulated to eliminate the use of solvents saving 45 tons of Heptane and 67 ton total solvents per yeaIPSEN logor, and other elements that reduce medical waste generated in the production and administering of the medication.  These changes result in total avoided emissions of 67 tons of eCO2 per year equivalent to 30 round trips from Sacramento to Paris by plane!  They have 18 employees in California.

IPSEN Biopharmaceuticals Press Release
Press – Latest Central Jersey pharmaceutical, biotech news, Bob Makin, MyCentralJersey.com, 8/14/15

DSC_2824 clipped WEBPictured (L to R) – Kreigh Hampel, CPSC; Cynthia Schwalm, IPSEN Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.


Bow & Arrow Award for Coalition Building

Kamps Propane is the recipient of the 2015 Bow & Arrow Award for Coalition Building.

Kamps Propane, based in Manteca, CA, has been providing propane delivery and related services since 1969. Kamps’ dedication to coalition building and sustainability is exemplified in their recent rollout of the “Little Kamper” refillable one pound gas cylinder. The Little Kamper replaces the disposable gas cylinders and can be refilled hundreds of times for up to 12 years to use in products such as camp stoves, lawn care equipment, industrial torches, outdoors heaters, and more. Through partnerships with a diverse group of organizations including cylinder manufacturer Flame King, local governments, CPSC, and Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Parks, Kamps has made the refillables available to the public throughout much of California and is enkamps_logo 150dpicouraging more retailers to carry them to expand coverage. The Little Kamper is currently available for purchase and/or exchange at all twelve of Kamps’ California retail stores and in the next twelve months will become available at Kamps’ Pick Up Propane BBQ tank exchange retail partners, representing over 1,000 stores in California where the cylinders will be available for sale and exchange.

Kamps Propane Press Release

DSC_2830 cropped WEBPictured (L to R) – Josh Simpson, Kamps Propane; Lynn France, CPSC

Infinity Arrow Award for Service and Take-Back

Cole Hardware is the recipient of the 2015 Infinity Arrow Award for Service and Take-Back.

Cole Hardware is a leader in voluntary product stewardship and retail take-back as demonstrated by their robust and comprehensive take-back services offered at all four of their locations in San Francisco. Cole Hardware has offered take-back services for almost 20 years and were one of two original rCole Hardware Logo - color straightetailers that partnered with San Francisco’s Retail HHW Collection program when it began in October 1997. Cole Hardware offers take-back for all HHW waste types in San Francisco’s Retail HHW Collection program and five additional non-hazardous products: Brita brand water filter products, electronic waste, scrap metal and old keys, expired printer cartridges, soft plastics, empty one pound propane cylinders, and holiday lighting.

Cole Hardware Press Release

DSC_2837 clipped WEBPictured (L to R) – David Karp, Cole Hardware; Julia Strzesieski, Cole Hardware; Wes Nelson, CPSC

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