2010 California Stewardship Arrow Award Winners

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2010 Awards Selection Panel2010 Awards Selection PanelPictured (L to R): Pat Fong Kushida, Executive Director, Sacramento Asian Chamber of Commerce;
Heidi Sanborn, Executive Director, CPSC; John Allard, City Councilmember, City of Roseville;
Mike Sangiacomo, CEO, Recology; Scott Tyrell, Legislative Assistant to San Joaquin Supervisor Leroy Ornellas.
Not pictured: Kevin Hendrick, Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority Executive Director.

Awards Presented

Custom-designed awards made of recycled materials by Bay Area artist Ellen Blakeley were presented to award winners at the California Resource Recovery Association annual conference evening awards event on August 10, 2010. The event was attended by more than 600 local and state government representatives, state legislators, and industry representatives.

Golden Arrow Award for Overall Excellence in Product Stewardship

The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce was the recipient of the 2010 Golden Arrow Award for the Green Team San Joaquin project. Green Team San Joaquin is an outstanding example of business leaders playing a defining role in fostering development of green business in their community and helping them to save money to improve profitability. This collaborative effort brings together Logo - Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerceprivate businesses, City and County government representatives, economic development professionals, educators, students and community members to develop and implement product stewardship and green business practices which reduce waste and create jobs.

Program highlights include:

  • Green Team San Joaquin Recycling Energy Air Conservation (REACON) Team:
    REACON provides outreach to 150 businesses each year looking to “green” their practices and provides connections between businesses to reduce waste and divert materials for reuse and recycling. The team develops reports documenting results, including waste reduction and increased recycling.
  • Recycling Exposition (REXPO):
    An annual event that had over 1,000 attendees in 2009 and showcases businesses and services that promote sustainable practices and product stewardship.
  • Buy Local, Buy Green Campaign:
    Promoting local procurement of green products and service.
  • Green.edu:
    program to prepare students for green-collar jobs.
  • Education and Collaboration Venues:
    Through four Quarterly Workshops and 12 Monthly meetings each year averaging 60 participants and additional special meetings, they are constantly networking the parties to increase awareness and education on how to save money by reducing waste.
  • Green Business Recruitment Through Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ):
    The Greater Stockton RMDZ is the only Zone in the state where the local Chamber serves at the Zone Administrator, having responsibility for recruiting new businesses to the area who reduce and recycle; this Chamber goes beyond that to help all local businesses do the same. They estimate they have created 41 jobs to date while reducing waste and business costs. Examples include siting a new wine bottle washing and reuse plant and siting a new PET flaking facility in Tracy, CA.

All these programs have resulted in the County of San Joaquin achieving a 71% diversion rate, creating 41 jobs, and helping local businesses thrive by reducing their waste costs.

The Chamber’s immersion in the green business stewardship role demonstrates real leadership in the movement to create green jobs and prepare a green work force through local schools and industries.

Picture - Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce w AwardPictured (L to R): Senator Lois Wolk; Blaine Bibb, San Joaquin Green Team Lead;  Chamber President Rick Goucher;
Frank Ferral, Stockton Chamber/Recycling Market Development Zone Lead; 
San Joaquin County Supervisor Leroy Ornellas; Doug Wilhoit, Stockton Chamber CEO

2010 Green Arrow Award for System Design and Innovation

ChicoBag Company, located in Butte County’s City of Chico, was selected as the winner of the 2010 Green Arrow Award for System and Design Innovations. ChicoBag produces reusable shopping bags made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic – Logo - Chico Bagthe primary source of PET is plastic beverage containers. The company’s mission is not just to produce a top quality reusable bag made of recycled products, but they also take-back old bags, even their competitors, to recycle them into new products like rugs and coasters.

ChicoBag also advocates for the elimination of single use bags by advocating for legislation that would eliminate plastic bags and through supporting grassroots campaigns throughout the nation. ChicoBag developed the Bag Monster campaign, a costume worn by volunteers that features 500 plastic bags – the amount of plastic bags the average American uses in a year. Additionally, ChicoBag realized that shoppers often forget their bags so they designed their bags with an integrated “stuff pouch” so the full size bag can become compact enough to fit into a backpack or purse.

Picture - Chico Bag w AwardPictured (L to R): Andy Keller, President of ChicoBag;
Award Panelist Mike Sangiocomo, President & CEO of Recology

2010 Bow & Arrow Award for Coalition Building

As You Sow, a San Francisco based non-profit, was awarded the 2010 Bow & Arrow Award for Coalition Building. As You Sow’s mission is to promote a safe, just and sustainable world by moving corporations towards environmental and social responsibility through dialog, shareholder advocacy, grant-making and innovative legal strategies. As You Sow strategically used shareholder influence to obtain commitments from three of the largest beverage companies in the United States – Coca Cola Company, PepsiCo and Nestle Waters North America – to recycle the majority of their post-consumer containers for the next six years. The companies’ Logo - As You Sowshareholders pressed their companies to commit to greatly increased rates of recycling for bottles and cans, using higher levels of recycled content in new bottles, reducing the use of toxins, reducing energy usage and creating small carbon footprints. As You Sow’s accomplishments via shareholders is reversing decades of corporate practices that have socialized the costs of end of life management.

As You Sow pioneered a beverage container survey and report card to measure company performance on recycling and the use of recycled content. Nestle Waters took action after receiving a failing grade on the highly publicized report card, calling it a “wake up call.” As You Sow’s approach of leveraging shareholder influence for environmental gain is unique, yet it should serve as a model for other institutional shareholders that could adopt similar shareholder engagement practices to foster product stewardship. As You Sow is also building coalitions with large and small beverage producers and prominent grocery chains, including Wal-Mart, Safeway, Kroger and Whole Foods in an effort to move the United States toward sustainable consumption, production and zero waste in beverage packaging. Picture - As You Sow w AwardPictured (L to R): City of Roseville Councilman and Award Panelist John Allard;
Conrad McKerron,  Senior Program Director, As You Sow;
Andy Behar CEO As You Sow; Rob D’Arcy, CPSC Board Chair

2010 Infinity Award for Service and Take-Back

NetApp, based in Sunnyvale, was selected to receive the 2010 Infinity Arrow Award for Service and Take-Back. NetApp provides Logo - Net Appcustomers with innovative data storage, management, protection, and retention solutions. While their products enable customers to do more with less thanks to their storage efficiency technologies, they have created a service and take back program that truly ‘closes the loop’ and minimizes the waste generated from their products through a comprehensive electronic waste recycling program. For more than 5 years, this program has achieved a landfill diversion rate generally over 99% for their products.

Customers have the option to conveniently sign up online for take-back service or by calling a sales representative. Net App arranges for the device to be picked up from the customer’s site, then works with recycling partner AER Worldwide to handle disassembling, processing, and recycling of 58 different commodity materials within the product. Those commodities are then re-purposed and placed back into the supply chain markets so other firms can benefit from the use of recycled materials in their goods. Net App takes back competitor’s products as well. NetApp also takes back all packaging materials for processing and recycling. The cardboard the company uses for packaging contains a high level of recycled content. NetApp donates refurbished and re-purposed devices to worthy organizations.

Picture - Net App w AwardPictured (L to R): Peter Perrault, NetApp; Adam Galati, AER Worldwide;
Theo Miles, NetApp; Scott Tyrell, Advisor to San Joaquin County Supervisor Leroy Ornellas

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