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The California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) is a powerful network of local governments, non-government organizations, businesses, and individuals supporting policies and projects where producers share in the responsibility for managing problem products at end of life.

CPSC is California’s thought leader and expert on Product Stewardship and the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) movement.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is supported by 26,514,578 Californians. That’s over 68% of the state population139 resolutions have been passed by California local jurisdictions and organizations supporting a more sustainable and toxic free environment through product stewardship. CPSC works closely with companies like Flame King who have redesigned products for reuse as well as establish pilot or permanent collection programs with some sharing of costs with others in the product chain. Let us know how we can help your city or county take the first step towards adopting producer responsibility to promote safer, healthier families and communities.

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CPSC’s Vision for Materials Management in California

Producers have the primary responsibility to establish, fund, and manage end of life systems for their products with State government setting the performance goals and ensuring accountability and transparency.

CPSC Mission Statement

To shift California’s product waste management system from one focused on government funded and ratepayer financed waste diversion to one that relies on producer responsibility in order to reduce public costs and drive improvements in product design that promote environmental sustainability.

From the Executive Director

Welcome to the CPSC website! Our goals are to educate you about producer responsibility, inspire you, and provide you with   the tools to take action. Have a product related problem in your community? Let us know how we can help! Learn more about current sponsorship opportunities, or consider showing your support by contributing to CPSC so we can continue to work on the products that matter the most to you, your family and your community.

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Doug Kobold

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